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6 Unique Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas For Faded Ink

Cover-ups can effectively achieve your goals, whether you want to hide an old tattoo or add something new.

The most successful cover-up tattoos conceal the traces of previous work while still leaving behind a beautiful new design. The type of design and detail can also factor into the success of a cover-up.

Black Circle

A black circle is an excellent choice for cover-up tattoos because it’s easy to conceal and works well with many themes. It’s also a classic design that can be used in many ways to make your tattoo more personal and unique.

Another advantage of the circle as a dark tattoo cover up is that it can be a huge tattoo, perfect for covering up faded designs. It can be a potent symbol in many cultures, so it’s ideal for those who want to make a statement with their body art.

Sometimes you need to get rid of a mediocre design or something that no longer fits your style. Whatever the reason, these ten unique cover-up tattoo ideas for faded ink should help you develop a new strategy that hides your old one completely!

Black Chinese Dragon

Often seen in legends, dragons can represent power and wisdom. However, some cultures see them as evil and destructive.

The black Chinese dragon is a classic tattoo that can be worn almost anywhere on the body and made feminine or masculine. They are also very detailed and can look spectacular.

This design is a perfect choice for those with faded old tattoos. The color is still vibrant, and the shading looks excellent.

Tropical Leaves

Suppose you’re looking for an artistic cover-up tattoo that conceals your old ink but doesn’t look too plain, consider a tattoo with a beautiful array of tropical leaves. These plants are famous for their bold colors and large size, and they’ll add a fresh new touch to any tattoo.

Many clients with faded inks prefer a more traditional style, and the tropical leaves design is an excellent choice for concealing an old tattoo. They can be arranged in any way you’d like and layered with other flowers or plants to make your new design more attractive.

Black Ink

If you’ve got a bad tattoo that you’re not fond of anymore, there are plenty of cover-up tattoo ideas you can try. However, you must find a skilled artist to complete the project.

This is especially true for older tattoos that have become faded, damaged, or unappealing. A black ink cover-up can hide this and make the old design appear entirely new.

Full Black Circle

A full black circle is a great cover-up tattoo for faded ink, as it can usually effectively conceal any existing designs. Like this design idea, the dark shade also looks good against lighter ink.

Animals are another excellent choice for cover-up tattoos, as they come in various styles and colors and can be a perfect match for any old tattoos you want to camouflage. Eagles are prevalent and represent strength, wisdom, pride, and spirituality.


Flowers are some of the most beautiful cover-up tattoo ideas for faded ink. They are easy to create and look amazing on the skin.

A flower can easily hide a tattoo that needs to be more detailed and has yet to be used much. It’s also very feminine and can be used for various designs.

This woman had a simple butterfly tattoo on her shoulder that faded over time. The artist did a great job hiding the design with a beautiful floral butterfly tattoo.

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