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Top 6 Classroom Technology Tools

Top 6 Classroom Technology Tools

We know that technology has evolved in the past years and made its way into the educational industry. Utilizing different types of technology helps students acquire knowledge more interestingly. With the right tools, learning is not boring anymore!

This is the reason technology within the classroom has become increasingly important. So, teachers should not overlook the importance of technology at any cost. As using the right technology tools to enhance learning is an incredible idea as it makes learning more engaging and effective. Moreover, students and teachers can both use several tools. Read on to learn more about them.

Video Conference Platforms

Remote learning has taken over the education system mainly due to the global pandemic. It has not only made education accessible for all but has also offered more flexibility to students. Therefore, video conference platforms such as Google Classrooms or Zoom helps student take their classes easily. They offer necessary features that allow teachers to conduct virtual classes effectively.

These platforms can be used to deliver lessons to either a single student or a large group. Students simply need to use their device and credentials to log in to the application so they can attend their classes. However, they must ensure that they have a stable internet connection, so they do not face connectivity issues. They can use Cox high-speed internet as it delivers a stable and high-speed internet connection. As a result, you can attend your virtual classes without any hassle. Therefore, choose Cox Communications for a seamless online experience.

Document Camera

It is a new technology that helps teachers to project paper documents, slides, and microscopic images. It is a portable version of a high-resolution web camera and is quite easy to setup. It has replaced traditional projectors and made it easier for teachers to deliver lectures. The images are projected on the display screen so the teacher can walk around the classes to interact with the entire class. The students can also sit at their own places and take lectures without any disturbance.


Gone are the days when teachers used traditional whiteboards to deliver their lectures. Today, smartboards have been introduced that have made lectures more creative. Teachers can use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and also show YouTube clips. So, no need to bring the projectors to show the presentation. Moreover, smartboards are receptive to touch, and teachers can use special colored pens to write on and move things on the board. This makes lessons more engaging as teachers use colors and visuals to capture the students’ attention. Using smartboards also saves the teachers’ time as they can save the data and pull it up when needed.

Digital Pads

Online teaching has become a norm, so teaching students math problems or biological diagrams is difficult. Moreover, video conference platforms can only help teachers deliver basic lectures, so digital pads are introduced.

Digital pads allow teachers to explain complex topics interactively. Teachers can even write things in their handwriting and save their texts. They can be connected to laptops so teachers can conduct their virtual classes effectively.


No need to carry heavy books anymore! Students can now download their books and course material on their laptops or tablets. Moreover, as they carry their mobile phones all the time so they can start learning anywhere and anytime. Students do not even have to spend large sums of money to purchase their books as E-Books are mostly available for free or at cheaper rates.

E-Books can enhance the student’s overall learning experience as many interactive features are offered. Such as the option to highlight, search, bookmark, and so much more. Thus, they no longer have to search for specific pages, saving a lot of time.

Virtual Reality Programs

The use of virtual reality programs can bring the lectures to life. This can improve the student’s academic performance as visuals help them recall their lectures effectively. Students can explore different objects and parts of the world while sitting in the classroom. It has the power to inspire the students to take action, which mere lectures cannot. For example, if the students are studying history with the help of virtual reality programs, they can take museum tours. They can even explore the pyramids of Giza and understand their topic in a better way. Consequently, the students’ imagination levels are also flourished as virtual reality encourages creative thinking.

In Brief

There is no denying the fact that technology is a driving force in education. It can help the students acquire knowledge in a much better way. This prepares the students for the future so they can easily use advanced tools. It also makes learning interesting as it offers dynamic learning experiences. Lastly, the use of the tools can also help the students improve their academic performances.

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